Friday, March 5, 2010

Basics Basics.

We were supposed to paint a still life of trash, so I took the plate I recently broke, a used teabag, and a dead portion of flower from my roommates dying flower arrangement. 
First oil painting in full color. I think it's fairly obvious as to what everything is, but in case you were wondering, a green mixing bowl, a clear glass, 3 tangerines, 2 box things, all put on a brown fabric setup.
First and only painting I have somewhat finished in class. Here's how my painting class goes. Hw: make a still life on your own. Class, come make a still life without ever having hopes of finishing it. The end. I started getting tricky with the teapot. Cuz I like teapotz. Then my teacher was all 'FILL IN THE REST BAW.' So then I was like 'UGH FINE BUT I'M NEVER GONNA FINISH ANYWAY AND FFFF.' yep.


I think this is one of my favorites out of all of my drawings in class. We were supposed to be focusing on the perspective of the environment but  THIS GUY HAD 2 AWESOME SWORD-THINGS. How could I ignore them?