Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mutter Museum Sketches

It's really about time that I posted these sketches. They were all done at the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia about a month or so ago. Very quickly done at first and then finished in class. All done in graphite, I wouldn't say more than an hour or 2 spent on each drawing.


Top horizontal - The Mutter Museum has a gigantic case of human skulls. I could have spent all day looking at them, drawing each one. However I was with a friend, and for the sake of not spending all day in one place I had to move quickly. Most of the skulls were European in origin and most of them were criminals. In front of each skull was a card with information, and some of the skulls even had calligraphic looking writing on the forehead (look closely at the second skull from the left).

From left to right,

Such a random artifact. Just a dried up preserved arm in a glass case. I liked how corpse-y/creepy it was so I went ahead and sketched it. I liked finishing it the most though with the pattern in the back. I think I spent a whole class just quietly sketching away at that background.

This is a very quick contour drawing of the skeleton of 2 infant conjoined twins. They're joined at the ribs and the skull/face, but have separate spines, legs, and arms. I really wanted to draw this but didn't think I would have time for all the little bones so contour seemed to make sense. I'd like to take this drawing into illustrator sometime and maybe make a very simple t-shirt design out of it. Ah, the possibilities.

At the top left is a shrunken head. WITH AN AFRO. Yeah. Bottom right was a model of a woman with a horn growing out of her forehead. Cool stuff.