Friday, December 31, 2010

Linoleum Cuts

So while I'm at home I've been doing some personal work and experimenting. These are just some of the linoleum prints I've been doing. I made 17 in total, the last 3 have already been given to a friend and the others I'm willing to sell for $10 each. They're signed, titled "Sad Businessmen," numbered, and printed with speedball ink on medium weight art paper. I don't imagine the first ones will be snatched up quickly as I was just learning, but some of the others are pretty nice.

Admittedly the inspiration was this image in my head of these sad businessmen on their way to work. I remember seeing Daumier's drawings of the working class, and was thinking about the 1 hour commute my dad hates but makes every day to work. And, I need to continue to develop my cartooning and simplification of figures. Simple has never been easy for me.