Thursday, November 25, 2010

Recent Life Drawings

Here's a few of my most recent in-class life-drawings, I think it's a pretty significant improvement, but also sort of shows the difference between life drawing in an illustration class and life drawing with a fine arts teacher.

I've begun to only work after first putting down a ground and removing with eraser, and it's much faster and easier for me. Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating with this method, and I'd done it before but I hadn't really trusted it like I am now.

I think this was a 40 minute drawing, and my teacher had this weird set up where she gave the model a hula hoop and sat her in front of a large mirror. I don't know why life drawing teachers insist on throwing in a prop that will just confuse anyone who looks at your drawing.

Done during a day when we focused on portraiture. I believe this was a 4o minute as well. Fun fact, this model was my very first nude model my freshman year. This drawing is about half of the size of my pad of paper, so it's reasonably small. 

Another portrait,  also 40 minutes at the very end of the day. I wish I'd had more time with this.

My teacher set up the stands so that we had to focus on space between the models. Also, we had to work all day on this. I took this picture at about midday though because by then I realized the more I worked into it the more I was going to hate it and destroy the drawing. I asked to change spots in class to do another drawing with this interesting set up but my teacher was dead set on proving a point. Ohhhwell.

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