Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Drawing From The Tablet

So it's been half a semester and I've been taking a more modern life drawing class in contrast to the more traditional class I had last semester. This class requires all drawings to be done in photoshop with a tablet and stylus. I've used the tablet and digital before to color over other works like the maenads, and flight of the conchords pieces, but these assignments are done in a way to sort of emulate a painterly style with a digital medium. It's challenging but interesting.
Today we worked on one pose all day long, focusing as well on the background as well on the figure. I think it sort of resembles some kind of sci-fi art school experience... very weird. I think my teacher said the first time he saw the students set up with computers around the models he thought it was the perfect metaphor for modern culture. I can't disagree.

I might edit this later, the right leg just bothers me a lot.

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