Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lonely Hearts

First assignment for my Junior Illustration 1 class. Create a dyptich depicting two characters derived from lonely hearts ads (sort of like last ditch efforts by people who are desperate to find somebody). Here are my two ads, first the woman then the man.

"Remember when all of this was open fields and you could go out and leave your door unlocked? Woman, 24. Inherited her mother's unreasonable and utterly unfounded nostalgia (and her father's hirsute* back). WLTM (Woman looking to marry) barber with fondness for sherbet dib-dabs and parma violets. Box no. 8486"

*A person with hirsutism grows hair in abundance in unusual places for their gender.

"Mignonette is the most beautiful word in the world and I'll deck anyone who says it isn't. Edgy yet playful poet (M, 38). Box no. 7975"


  1. saraaahhh, can you tell me about the process of doing this? you have a lot of different colored lines, and i'm wondering what you do them with. also is this traditional? i was looking at your teacup poster and wondering similar things about the lines!


  2. It's actually all traditional/watercolor. I did go in in photoshop and fix the cruddy scan so it's a LITTLE different from the original. I also split it in photoshop whereas in real life it's one complete piece. The lines are either brown ink or watercolor with a thin brush. It's the same for the tea cups. :]