Thursday, February 16, 2012


This is my first lithograph, grained, drawn, and printed in about 2 weeks time. I pulled about 15 good prints of this, 6 on Somerset Newsprint and 9 on Somerset White. The assignment was to make only an edition of 5, but lithography printing goes so quickly, it's hard to make only a small edition when it's just as easy to make a ton more.
I'm really excited to do more stone lithography, it is a really intriguing and fun printing process. I feel when I'm working that I'm imitating the same actions as say Honore Daumier, and that is a very unique experience.
I really hope once I'm out of school I can get the same level of critique, because talking about these pieces often reveals more to me than I originally set out to express. For instance.. now, I am quite sure this piece is a subtle representation of my love/hate relationship with Texas... and I'm always intrigued when these things come to the surface later.


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    1. Wow it double posted then deleted both when I went to erase one.
      lulz, you might get to read it three times now!

      Love your work, had a fun time looking at your blog. Keep on keepin' on.

    2. Hey thanks a lot! :] Made my day!